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Group Override for Quizzes

Why Use This?

The Group Override setting provides instructors the ability to allow for student accommodations and increased time allotments for a number of users within their Moodle course at one time. It can also be used to give exams at different times for multiple sections in a combined course. Before adding a Group Override, instructors must first create a Group for the students who require the same accommodations.

Creating Groups

If only one student requires an accommodation, or if you have students who require different accommodations, instructors should use the Quiz User Override settings.

Setting Up Group Override for a Quiz

  1. Go to the course homepage.
  2. Find the quiz or assignment and click the edit link.
  3. Go to Quiz administration.Quiz settings menu
  4. Click on Group Overrides.
  5. Click Add group override.Add group override button
  6. Use the Override group menu to choose the group you want.Group override settings
  7. Define the override restrictions as needed.
    • Add a password (optional)
    • Enable and choose new Open the quiz and Close the quiz dates and times.
    • Enable and change the Time limit.
    • Change the number of Attempts allowed.
    • Click Save or Save and enter another override.
  8. Provide the quiz password (if created) to the student(s) or group who will attempt the quiz.