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Grade Essay Questions


Students will not see a score for their quiz until you grade any manually graded questions like Essay questions. When grading essay questions,  the responses are grouped by question, not by student. If you have set the quiz Review Options to display The Attempt and Specific Feedback, students can also see your feedback when reviewing their quiz.

1. Locate the quiz on your course homepage.

2. Click the quiz name.

3. Click the gear icon in the upper right to open the Quiz Administration block. Then click the arrow next to Results to expand the menu. If you accidently click on the word Results, you will need to click the gear icon again to reopen the Quiz Administration block.

4. Click Manual grading.

manual grade link

5. This will bring you to the page that will show all of the questions that need to be manually graded. For each question you will see how many still need to be graded, how many have already been graded, and total. Click “grade all” for the question you wish to grade.

grade all link

6. Set the number of question responses to display on one page.

Manual grading select question to grade

7. Choose the order in which you want the responses to display (randomly, by date, or by student name).   

8. Click Change Options.

9. Enter your feedback in the Comment field below the first student response.

comments and points boxes
10. Then enter the score for that response in the “Points” field just below comments.

11. Continue with remaining questions then click "Save and go to the next page" when you reach the bottom of the page.

12. Once all answers to that question are graded (and saved) scroll to the top and click “Back to the list of questions”.

13. Select grade all for the next question. Repeat until all questions have been graded.
14. Verify there is a "0" in the “To grade” column for all questions.

number of questions to grade and number that have been graded