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Exporting a Quiz to Word using Respondus

Why Do This?

You might like a Word document version of your Cougar Courses quiz/exam whether for you personal records or for a student who needs to take the exam offline. There is currently no way to export to Word directly from Cougar Courses, but you can do so using the software Respondus. You will need to use CougarApps to access the Respondus software. Please visit CSUSM’s page on CougarApps to access CougarApps and learn more about using it.

How to Export a Quiz to Word

  1. Once in CougarApps, click on Apps at the top.

 Apps tab

  1. Click the All tab in the upper left.

 All tab at the top

  1. Scroll down and click on Respondus.

 Respondus icon

  1. Respondus will then launch in a separate window. Once in Respondus, click on the Retrieval tab along the top.

 Retrieve tab at the top

  1. Click Retrieve Questions in the center of the page.

 Retrieve questions link

  1. In the Retrieve Questions Wizard pop-up, leave the defaults and click Next.

 Next button

  1. Enter your CSUSM username and password.

 enter csusm username and password

  1. A pop-up window will come up, click OK.

 pop-up window, click OK

  1. A small window will open, click the button “Login with CSUSM credentials”

 login with CSUSM credentials button

  1. Enter your CSUSM username and password. Authenticate using Duo.
  1. In the pop-up window click OK.

 pop-up window, click OK

  1. Select your course from the “Choose Course to Retrieve from” dropdown.

 choose course, quiz, and enter a name

  1. Then choose the Quiz you want exported.
  1. Enter a name for the Quiz.
  1. Click Next.
  1. When it says it has completed successfully, click the Finish button.

 Finish button

  1. Your quiz is now in Respondus. Click the Preview + Publish tab at the top.

 Preview + Publish tab at the top

  1. On the left, click Print Options.

 Print options tab on the left

  1. Choose whether you want the Word document to be just the exam, the exam with the answer key, or the answer key only. Then click the Save to file button at the bottom.
    print options

  2. Select where you want to save (keep in mind you are in the CougarApps virtual environment), and give your file a name. When finished click Save.

save to file box