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Using OU Wiki


A Wiki is a collaboratively design webpage or set of webpages. It is a quick and easy way of creating a mini-website. Your wiki pages use the same text editor you are familiar with from other Cougar Courses activities, so you can add text styles, color, tables, images, links, and files to your Wiki.

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Within a wiki, you can separate content into different pages and a page into different sections. Each time a person makes changes to a wiki page, that revision becomes the current version. Older versions are stored and can be viewed and compared. You can also use the history to roll back to earlier versions of a page.

wiki overview

Adding/Editing a New Wiki Page

Within a wiki, you can separate content into different pages. These pages can be linked from the first page that was created, or can be linked to other pages within the Wiki.

1. Click on the OU Wiki activity.

2. To create your start or first page, click on Create Page.

create page

3. In the text box, put in any content you desire. Add any attachments you need and click Save changes. This will return you to the View tab.

4. To make additional edits from the view tab, click Edit page, or the Edit tab.

edit page

To create links to additional pages:

Note: It is currently NOT possible to delete, rename or move a page within the wiki, so plan before you start. To hide a page, delete the link(s) to the page. The page will be accessible from the Wiki index as an unlinked page.

Page links are not created by inserting a hyperlink. You can create additional pages and links to those pages in two ways.

  • To create multiple links:

1. Type the new page name, and enclose it with double square brackets: [[ ]]. Listing multiple page links can be done in any way, but the pipe ("|") character (located directly below the backspace button) gives it a nice clean look for your links at the top of the page.

name of page


edit page

In the step above, you created a link to a non-existent page. To create the actual page, click on the link you just created, then click Create page.

2. You can copy/paste the set of links you created onto each page, for a clean navigation

  • Alternate way to add a new page:

1. Type in a page name into the "Create new page" box and click Create. This will add a link to the new page at the bottom of your current page.

2. Add any desired content into the content box and click Save.

3. To edit the page again, click on the link.

add section

Once you have multiple pages, use the Wiki index to select a different page for editing.

History/Wiki Changes

The history and index of the Wiki are useful for easy navigating as well as keeping track of the activity within the Wiki.

  • History:

1. Click on the OU Wiki activity.

2. Click on the Wiki Changes button in the upper right of the page.

wiki changes

Changes are shown in descending order, newest at top. Within Wiki Changes, you can choose to view All changes to all pages, or just New pages and when they were created using the tabs at the top of the page.

all changes

3. Clicking the View changes link will highlight the differences between the two versions. Each version can also be viewed in its entirety.

view changes

  • Wiki Index:

You have the choice to view the pages in the wiki alphabetically or by structure. If you view by structure, you will be able to see which pages are linked to each other. You can choose which view you want by using the tabs at the top of the page

by structure

Note: If you have made links to pages, but have not yet created the pages, there will be a section in the index called "Missing pages" which shows these links. There will also be a section for "Unlinked pages" if you have created a page but erased the links to it.

Annotations (Must be enabled in the setting by the instructor)

Annotations can be used as comments or as feedback in a Wiki. They are not good for holding long discussions, but they are good for feedback in the wiki. Both students and instructors can annotate each other's wikis.

1. Click on the Annotate button that appears under the title of the page, next to "Edit page" on the page that you would like to annotate.


2. After you click on Annotate, small blue squares (annotation markers) will appear between words. Choose where you would like to annotate and click on the blue square in that area.

small blue squares

3. Type in the text that you would like to appear in your annotation, and click Add.

add button

4. Review your annotation text and location. When you are satisfied, click Save changes.

5. Your new annotation will appear as a clickable icon near where you added it. If you click on the icon, your annotation text will expand or collapse.

expand icon