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Cougar Courses

Our course management system, known as Cougar Courses,  is built on Moodle, an open source learning platform that is used globally.

Logging in to Cougar Courses (Instructors)

You do not need to request course containers. They are created automatically at the start of registration each semester. You'll gain access to the course container when you are officially assigned to teach the course and it is listed in your MyCSUSM. If you are taking over a course from someone else, we will remove that instructor within 48 hours of the previous instructor being removed from PeopleSoft. Ready to login? Visit our login procedures site.

NOTE: Instructors choose whether or not to use Cougar Courses, and when to make the course available (visible) to the students. 

Logging in to Cougar Courses (Students)

When you officially register for a course,  you are automatically enrolled into the course container within 24 of hours. 

Don't see one or more of your courses?  First verify that it is listed in your myCSUSM courses, then contact the Instructor to ask whether they have, or plan to make the course available.  You can find the Instructor's email address by using the search on the CSUSM homepage.

Ready to login? Visit our login procedures site. Be sure to check your courses at least once in the morning and once in the evening for any new information.

Recommended Browsers

  • For the best experience and optimum security:
    • Make sure your browser is up to date.
    • Logout and close the browser completely when using a public computer and when sharing a computer with someone.
    • Do not have the browser save your password.
  • Desktop:  use Chrome, Firefox  or Safari. 
  • Mobile:  Mobile Safari or Chrome
  • These legacy browsers have known compatibility issues with the version of Moodle we are using.
    • IE 10 and below
    • Safari 7 and below.

Help with Cougar Courses

Review the information on our how to guides website which also includes contact information.